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1889 Barn

12670 Portnell Rd, Unit C Bozeman, MT

(406) 579-4865

1889 Barn

The 1889 Barn is located in Gallatin Gateway, 12 miles from downtown Bozeman, worth the scenic drive out. As you wind down the roads, you unwind and once you are on the historic property things change inside you more. When I get to watch them in and around the 1889 Barn I see them breathe and smile. It’s a grounding and relaxing connection to history and to Montana. There is a magic and that’s what I’ve always felt and that’s what motivated me to restore and share the 1889 Barn. Please see the video on our website as she landed on her new foundation.

We host a monthly Open House and put on other events. Our bar is open every Thursday at 5pm. We plan drink and app combos using local spirits. The experience is like nothing else. The 1889 Barn restoration was a passion project, filled with heart and love. It brings the homesteading spirit of 1889 to life.

Main Floor

Theatre: 20 guests - monitor available - no WiFi

Barn Loft

Area: 400 sq/ft
Theatre: 48 guests at tables


Each Event Collection represents the client who chooses it and is made up of elements of their needs & wants. To accommodate all clients, our collections are flexible and customizable. After all, you are building your own dream event that is perfect for you!

Corporate Retreats:

Offered on weekdays, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in July and August Unplug, face-to-face conversations. A monitor is there for downloaded presentations. Don’t count on phone service being great and there is no wi-fi, true story. Food and drinks are served, and there is parking! If you want an authentic Montana Vibe, we’ve got it. If the weather isn’t cooperating, we have other spaces on property to break out to and the hike up the mountain would have to be skipped.

Example up to 20 person schedule for the day:

Pick up your breakfast at 8:00am and sit on the patio.

8:30am -10:00am - First session.

10:00am - Break and refreshments.

10:15am-12pm - Gather in Loft for group session two.

12pm - Come back to the main floor where lunch is served.

1:00pm -2:30pm - Third session Creekside

2:30pm - Hike up the mountain!

3:15pm - More refreshments

3:30pm - 5:00pm - 4th session presentations on main floor

5:00pm - Happy hour on patio.

6:00pm - Dinner served

7:30pm - 8:30pm - Recap session

Shuttle back to downtown is available, if needed, at extra cost.

The feedback on meeting here at the 1889 Barn: “….it is a very inspiring space, we had the most productive time, the surroundings were helpful in freeing our thoughts, the unplugged atmosphere was relaxing, the food and service was just perfect, ….way better than any other fluorescent-lit, plastic food, bad coffee, windowless, funny carpeted, smelly space! “ Well, that one kind of describes what we aren’t! Most importantly they rebooked for next year. That really says it all.

The cost is $1,500 with meals and drinks extra. The budget per person averages $150-$200 depending on menu options chosen.

Family events:

We charge per 4-hour blocks, maybe a brunch outdoors under the dance tent or on the patio? A dinner on the patio or in the loft with dancing? Bring your own band or plug into our speakers and PA. The rental comes with a bartender, set up and clean up. We can coordinate with any other vendors, photography, flowers, plan for a gift table, arrange for gift boxes for guests, or set up a sign-in table…..Any detail! Let us help you make special smile memories! We specialize in the “pause moments.”

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The Easy Vibe

Our most simple package. This is designed for non alcoholic events. The space is available up to 4 hours for this package.

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A Step Above

A step up from The Easy Vibe, includes bar services. Able to rent the space our up to 4 hours and includes an event coordinator.

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Buy Out!

All of It is all of it! It allows for full coordination with multiple vendors for any celebration. The space is available all day.

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Corporate Retreat

We provide breakout areas in the Yellow Farmhouse if planned in advance. Additional space available in the white barn which is on property.


The 1889 Barn sits on a 21 acre property creekside with a mountain side filled with wildflowers, making it one of the best spots in Bozeman to get married. The 133 year old barn has acted as a place to call home to all that get to experience the barn. We want to share this beauty in its next stage of life so now it will be restored to create beautiful small scale events.

​We're a team of individuals that love all that Montana has to offer, we want to share that passion with guests at the Barn!

Jessie Moore Photography of Beth and David's September Wedding

The sunsets every single day of the year on the property are fantastic. I’ve been here for 17 years and I’ve been keeping track! We are a small wedding venue. You aren’t clunking around in a corner of a huge space. We are intimate and cozy, comfortable and soulful. The first event ever at the 1889 Barn was a planned elopement. Proud to have that as our history. We have different packages but are a one-stop shop which means way less stress in that we can coordinate everything for you.

Family Occasions, Birthday Parties, Baby Showers, Company Meetings, Coffee Socials, Retreat Days, Educational Seminars, Fundraisers….Let us help you plan and host your small event.

Patty Boyd 4065794865

													 Wedding Photography

Portnell Package

Have your wedding on a weekday and enjoy everything the beauty of the 1889 Barn offers. With the Portnell Package we have the venue available to you from Monday through Thursday and includes full use of our event space from 9 a.m. to midnight. This is a great option for us to work within a budget.

													 Wedding Couple in Nature

Gallatin Package

Invite your family and friends for a memorable wedding day at the 1889 Barn! The Gallatin Package includes the availability of the venue on Friday, Saturday or Sunday as well as full use of our event space from 9 a.m. to midnight. It's no surprise The Gallatin Package is our most popular package! Reach out if you would like to learn more.

													 Bride and Groom Kissing

The 1889 Package

Make the most of your wedding when you spend multiple days at the beautiful 1889 Barn property! Take your time enjoying your friends, family and everything the 1889 Barn and the Yellow Farmhouse has to offer, including full rental and exclusive access to the venue for select dates. We are able to host the Rehearsal Dinner, Wedding Ceremony, and Wedding Reception and day after brunch. Making it easy for yourself and guest and being able to explore all of the surrounding areas of the 1889 Barn.


Have dinner inside history!

Take yourself and a date to share a very unique evening. You will be enjoying appetizers and drinks in the loft of a restored 1889 Barn! From there you will descend the spiral staircase to pick up a plate of food where you are seated at a table on the main floor. Surrounded on both levels by beautiful original art. There will be coffee with wonderful dessert bites to carry out to the garden and enjoy under the big sky. The entire time at the barn is 2 hours. You won’t want to leave.

The barn is magic!

The couple's dinners take place once a month, featuring two seating's. The initial seating commences at 5:30 pm, followed by the second at 7:00 pm. Each seating accommodates a maximum of 4 couples, so feel free to invite friends who will enjoy the rustic charm of the barn. For the dinners, only one ticket per couple is required, covering all fees and gratuities. Join us for a delightful evening!

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