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Alpacas of Montana

8255 Cottonwood Road Bozeman, MT

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Tours & Day Trips

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Interactive Educational Alpaca & Llama Farm Tours

Alpacas of Montana is a textile company that raises their own herd of alpacas in Bozeman, Montana. Our 60-minute hands-on, educational farm tours provide an experience to get up close and personal with our alpacas and llamas. Our small group tours allow our tour guide to give a customized experience just for you! You'll get to feed them their favorite treats and learn how to catch and halter them for walks.

Alpacas come in all colors and personalities. You will also learn why these amazing, unique camelids have been partnered with humans for thousands of years and the difference between alpacas and llamas, along with what makes Alpacas of Montana so special.

Alongside alpacas and llamas, our farm boasts friendly Anatolian Guard Dogs, chickens, and seasonal horses. Encounter a variety of characters, from ground squirrels to majestic bald eagles.

Take lots of photos during your time on the farm and with your favorite alpaca. At the end of your tour, you'll get to pick out a keychain or sticker souvenir to remember your visit with us! You will also receive a complimentary 10% off our alpaca retail store which is located right on the property – we offer products like alpaca socks, blankets, outerwear, hoodies, ornaments, and more!

So, what do we use our alpacas for anyways?

We are leading the alpaca textile industry developing new, innovative ways to spin alpaca fleece to design the highest quality products utilizing the best natural fiber in the world, alpaca.

All of Alpacas Of Montana's technical wear uses a custom yarn specially designed by our owner, that maximizes the performance desired for that specific product. Additionally, we only use the highest grade material in conjunction with alpaca fiber.

Our patented Dry Fusion Technology®️ is the first chemical free antimicrobial yarn certified by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). With our ASTM certification, we are proud to manufacture and deliver proprietary yarn that outperforms merino wool, down, and synthetics.


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