Bourbon | BBQ and Whiskey Bar - Bozeman CVB


515 W. Aspen St., Unit 102 Bozeman, MT

(406) 586-3443

The Bourbon Lifestyle

Everybody knows someone who has that one special uncle—the uncle who always makes sure your belly is full and you're drinking the good stuff. He’s been working on dinner all day long and can’t wait to serve it up. He just got his hands on a bottle of whiskey that no one else in Montana can ever seem to find. He’s surrounded by friends who make you feel like you’re one of the gang and the party wouldn’t be the same without you! Thanks to Bourbon, we all have that uncle now—Bozeman’s Uncle Jay.

Bourbon takes you to that place in your heart where your friends and family live. It’s the backyard of your Uncle who used to live down South and picked up some sort of barbecue magic that no one else can ever seem to learn. It’s the memories of camping up Brackett Creek in high school with a bit more class and much better booze. It’s the music and the food and the laughter when the sun’s just setting after floating the Madison. It’s the deep happiness of a day spent with the whole family and the bit of rowdiness that happens once the kids have been sent to bed. And thanks to Bourbon, it’s always there and there’s someone else doing the cleanup.

When your drink comes you’ll know that you're in a place where a good cocktail is appreciated but not over complicated, and where it’s not just a beer you’re drinking—it’s the right beer, in the right place, in the right company, with the right food on the way. When dinner is served you’ll taste the fun and the love, the memories of a Montana lifetime and of road trips through Alabama and Tennessee in every bite.


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