Bozeman Art Museum - Bozeman CVB

Bozeman Art Museum

2612 W. Main, Ste. B Bozeman, MT

(406) 586-1350

The Bozeman Art Museum is dedicated to becoming the brightest beacon of art and arts education, known throughout the American West. Incorporated in January of 2012, we received our 501(c) 3 designation in April 2012 and since then have been building an active, dedicated Board of Directors.

Our focus will be on three major exhibition themes. This will include high art, western art, and contemporary art while maintaining a ‘conversation’ with one another in the exhibitions. The museum will offer exhibits, programs, and events relevant to diverse audiences while building strong relationships with regional educational institutions and sustaining those audiences. We will attract and retain the best and the brightest in the arts field while being good stewards of our finances.

The Bozeman Art Museum is a community anchor that will inspire, educate, employ and enrich the lives of children and adults for years to come. Our commitment to excellence and professionalism will leave a lasting legacy.


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