Bozeman Creek/Sourdough Canyon 23 KM - Bozeman CVB

Bozeman Creek/Sourdough Canyon 23 KM

7198-7126 Sourdough Canyon Rd Bozeman, MT

The Bozeman Creek (aka Sourdough Canyon) trail is a wide track that gradually climbs up the canyon, alongside Bozeman Creek on the national forest, with both classic and skate lanes. Groomed by the Bridger Ski Foundation on a regular basis, this is a multi-use trail, so expect to see lots of dogs, walkers, and skiers in the first few miles. Keep skiing and you’ll find more solitude and an adventure. It’s 7.6 km to the bridge one way. Ski to Mystic Lake and back for 32 km (about 20 miles). If you ski to the Moser Divide, up to Mystic Lake and back, you’ll put in 45 km (about 28 miles). You can also connect to Moser Trailhead in Hyalite Canyon.

Bozeman Creek accommodates a lot of users and trail etiquette is of utmost importance on this out-and-back trail with several blind corners. Downhill traffic has the right of way, but skiers must slow down and use caution when passing others. No bikes during the winter, per Forest Service Regulations.

Part of the Community Nordic Trails groomed by the Bridger Ski Foundation.

Parking: at the trailhead at the end of Sourdough Canyon Rd.