Bozeman Film Celebration - Bozeman CVB

Bozeman Film Celebration

280 W. Kagy, Ste. D #326 Bozeman, MT

(406) 577-4018

Join us for the BZN International Film Festival from June 11-14, 2020 in venues throughout downtown Bozeman! The festival features over 50 carefully curated films from around the world - and across Montana- ranging from narrative fiction, documentaries, shorts, and animated films. Parties, local business discounts, and a weekend of downtown enjoyment are the perfect complement to the start of Montana's summer season.

The BZN International Film Festival, a production of the Bozeman Film Celebration, is dedicated to fostering intelligent filmmaking, understanding diverse points of view, and restoring media literacy. The BZN vision is to highlight films that make a positive impact on audiences—stories that showcase the best of the human spirit while inviting a call to action. We champion films that educate and enrich while they entertain: documentaries, indies, comedies, features and shorts that make the cut are intelligent and thought-provoking, inspire curiosity and encourage community and global awareness. Above all, they will stimulate conversation—a lost art we’re determined to help restore!

Tickets to BZN 2020 are on sale now! Whether you’re a serious cinephile or simply appreciate a good movie, we’re sure you’ll treasure this adventure and mark BZN as an annual must-see on the festival circuit.