Gray Wolf Inn & Suites

250 South Canyon Street West Yellowstone, MT

(406) 646-0000

Wide-open spaces and scenic settings describe more than what you'll find in Yellowstone National Park. Those two things also happen to make Gray Wolf Inn and Suites an attractive option for travelers from all around the world.

Along with offering unbeatable accessibility and good value for the area, this hotel features 103 rooms just two blocks from the West Entrance of Yellowstone. After a long day in the wilderness, a spacious living room is exactly what you'll look forward to lounging in, and your group will never feel cooped up as everyone settles into a roomy suite.

New to Gray Wolf Inn and Suites, is a complementary electric charging station! It is located in our underground parking and features two (2) Tesla vehicle charging units, and one (1) for other standardized electric vehicles such as a Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf or Toyota Prius.