Old West Day Trip

Take some time and see the way the West really was. For a short day, make the 37-mile drive from Bozeman to the Lewis & Clark Caverns and do some exploring. For those with more time, carry on and travel through ghost towns, fish the rivers or maybe dabble in the hot springs along the rest of this 170-mile tour.

Bozeman to Lewis & Clark Caverns (37 miles) - Jump on Interstate 90 and head west until you reach the exit for Highway 287. From there, head south to the Lewis & Clark Caverns.

Lewis & Clark Caverns to Twin Bridges (35 miles) - Get back on Highway 2 west until you reach Whitehall. Take Highway 55 south and it will soon merge with Highway 41. Continue south to Twin Bridges, a town sitting at the junction of three rivers and a great spot for fly-fishing.

Twin Bridges to Virginia City (28 miles) - From Twin Bridges, take Highway 287 south until you reach Virginia City, a historic old town with preserved buildings from the days of the old west.

Virginia City to Ennis (14 miles) - Get back on Highway 287 and make your way to Ennis, where you'll be treated to quaint shops and more outstanding fly-fishing.

Ennis to Norris (16 miles) - Take Highway 287 and head north until you reach Norris. Norris has great hot springs for those looking to relax.

Norris to Bozeman (38 miles) - At Norris go east on Highway 84 until you arrive back in Bozeman.