The Sapphire Motel - Bozeman CVB

The Sapphire Motel

310 North 7th Avenue Bozeman, MT

(406) 587-3103

The Sapphire Motel has been a landmark in Bozeman since the 1940s. The Motel began its life as a simple “tourist court” with 4 cabins. It soon grew into a full 31 unit motor court hotel. The motel was constructed in the popular mid-century modern style and was advertised as a “modern stopping place for travelers” during this era. The motor court-style hotel was popularized throughout the US during the 1940s and 1950s. These iconic motels were built to accommodate a new American pastime, road-tripping!

Our Motel was built as a small family operation to accommodate motorists traveling through Montana. While maintaining its classic design, the motel continued to grow over the years and now has 47 guest rooms. Today we fill both the role of travel motel as well as being an affordable and convenient option for a wide variety of local travelers. We host business clients for long and short-term stays, sports fans visiting to cheer on local teams, and visitors from neighboring communities looking to enjoy all Bozeman has to offer.