RSVP Motel Bzn - Bozeman CVB

RSVP Motel Bzn

510 N 7th Ave Bozeman, MT

(406) 404-7999

The RSVP experience is unlike anything you will find in Montana; a place where Stetsons and whiskey pair well with sun hats and a little bubbly. We can't wait to receive your RSVP to the BZN's newest boutique motel located in Midtown Bozeman with easy access to downtown, local shopping, and lots of recreational spots around the Gallatin Valley.


Dimensions: 10 People


Your VIP stay awaits at Bozeman’s top rated hotel! Designed and styled for the discerning traveler, our rooms are fit for a queen or king!

Book at least 30 days in advance for our best rate! For a limited time, enjoy flexible date changes

Single King

Pieces from around the globe bring in a taste of the exotic, while still keeping you comfortable in a lofty mountain retreat. You can look forward to leisure and lavish amenities too, with onsite dining, in-room coffee and drinks, and champagne on request. Price shown is for total stay.

														 King room

King Suite

With a king bed and a queen daybed in the suite, everyone can relish the comfort of 300-thread count Egyptian cotton sheets. Decor sourced from around the world adds zest to every moment spent in this elegant space. Enjoy all the offered amenities, from stylish kimonos and wicked-fast fiber optic wifi. Price shown is for total stay.


King Suite with Patio

Featuring one king bed and a queen pullout daybed, this suite comes complete with a private patio that is perfect for stargazing and taking in the fresh Montana mountain air. Everyone will relish in the comfort of 300-thread count Egyptian cotton sheets on a king size bed. In addition to the luxurious surroundings, indulge in our stylish kimonos, and wicked-fast fiber optic wifi. Price shown is for total stay.


Single Queen

Get cozy in comfort surrounded by a style that is both global and local, pulling pieces from Montana and beyond for an upscale vibe that will make you feel right at home. These rooms are the smallest on the property (100 sqft), hence the price. Price shown is for total stay.
IMPORTANT: These rooms are very small.


Queen with Pullout

The combination of a queen bed and a queen-size, pull-out daybed gives you the flexibility of having extra living and sleeping space right when you need it. Step outside your room and be greeted with the bustle of Midtown Bozeman, a relaxing pool, and delicious food and drinks. Price shown is for total stay.

														 Q w Pullout

Double Queen

Two queen beds mean everyone gets a good night’s sleep in this double queen room. Luxuriate in Gilchrest and Soames bath products, stylish Kimonos for post-spa time, and 300-thread count, 100% Egyptian cotton sheets with alternative down pillows.

														 Double queen

Double Queen Suite

With two queen beds and a lot of extra room, this double queen suite gives you plenty of space to stretch out. Get comfortable and enjoy the luxurious amenities that RSVP has to offer, with a mini bar and Keurig coffee on-hand that is sure to keep everyone happy on your mountain getaway. Price shown is for total stay.

														 Double queen suite

ADA Accessible

This room features a queen size bed with an extra room, making it fully ADA accessible and stylishly appointed for complete and utter comfort. With amenities like food orders via the app for onsite pickup, and those little luxury extras that make for special moments, your stay will be sure to sparkle.



Located 15 minutes from Bozeman Airport and we are situated within Bozeman's beautiful historic district. Concierge service to help you every step of the way and will work with you to make sure your event is truly special.

Whether your next event is your Wedding, a girls getaway, a corporate event, or a company party, RSVP has you covered!

													 Baby showers

Baby Showers

													 Bachelorette parties and girls getaways

Bachelorette Parties and Girls Getaways

													 Holiday parties

Holiday Parties

													 Corporate events

Corporate Events


Health: Through the food we provide and the way we treat ourselves and others, we believe all forms of health are important and should be treated as a priority.

Community & Connection: Through our stories, our rooms, our food, and people, we believe connection is an important part of life and connecting with each other and the community is a priority.

Respect: We respect our guests, vendors, coworkers, and ourselves with our actions and intentions every day.

Pop the Champagne: We believe in a fun and bubbly atmosphere for all to enjoy.

Challenge & Collaborate: We are not afraid of questions or challenges. We believe that together as a team we can continue to push boundaries and grow.

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Great taste makes you feel good, and that’s what you should expect from The Farmer’s Daughters Café & Eatery. Located in the heart of RSVP Hotel BZN, this café takes you through the fields and farms of Montana with each fresh ingredient.



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Wake up to a stunning breakfast from the Farmer’s Daughters Café - the true VIP experience.

Fly fishing by Trout on the Fly

Complimentary Day Passes to Access Fitness

Private or small group yoga classes are also available for RSVP guests! Find your Zen in-room, poolside, or at an off-site yoga studio.


Relax poolside in the warmer months while enjoying some suds and locally sourced cuisine from RSVP’s very own restaurant The Farmer’s Daughters Café and Eatery.

The pool and hot tub are closed until May 2023.
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Dogs Welcome

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Breakfast In Bed

													 Image 1

Private Yoga


Catch a show and some Z's! Show your ELM event ticket or confirmation when you check-in and receive 10% off your rate!

We’ve partnered with Yellowstone Safari Company to secure preferred rates and access to first-class, once-in-a-lifetime excursions.

View our membership and qualified discounts – from AAA to Senior rates, we’ve got you covered!

													 ELM Exclusive

ELM Exclusive

													 Yellowstone Packages Page

Partners - Yellowstone Safari Company

													 New Project

Membership Discounts


“When you believe in something, believe in it all the way. No holding back.”

Inspired by their worldly travels, the owners Hillary and Haylee Folkvord are taking things to the next level in Montana. Located in Midtown Bozeman, what was once the Rainbow Hotel has been meticulously resurrected to change the way you stay and play in this mountain town. These small-town girls raised on a 3 generation farm in Montana, have always been girls with a green smoothie in one hand and a glass of Champagne in the other. Additionally they pursed their passion of bringing real, whole food to Bozeman in 2018 with the Farmer’s Daughters Cafe located inside the RSVP Hotel. Their family also owns and operates the Sacajawea Hotel located in Three Forks, MT near the family farm.

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