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The Gallatin Valley TBID Grant Program

Bozeman is one of the top destinations in the country for tourism, recreation, winter sports, outdoor activities, and summer vacations. The grant program supports the business industries that make Bozeman such a desirable location. Aside from the nearby Yellowstone National Park access, we have a surplus of meeting venues, lodging options, local retailers, restaurateurs, and unique experiences that can engage a variety of events.

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The program was started by the Tourism Business Improvement District (TBID) to attract and grow new or existing events, meetings, state tournaments, and conventions. The Gallatin Valley TBID is seeking to partner with organizations interested in developing new (or growing) events, conventions, rallies, festivals, and tournaments that have a proven or qualified ability to generate hotel-motel room nights in the city of Bozeman in the Gallatin Valley.

This process for this program begins with the submission but may lead to questions along the way. Read the descriptions and criteria for submission carefully, as your submission success is dependent upon abiding within these details. Don't hesitate to contact Daryl Schliem at or 406.586.5421 if any questions arise.

How it’s Funded

The mission of the Gallatin Valley TBID is "to enhance the economic vitality of Bozeman by generating room nights for the city's lodging facilities through effective sales and marketing strategies, building collaborative partnerships, and promoting Gallatin Valley as a year-round visitor, convention, and event destination." The Gallatin Valley TBID is funded by a flat fee of $2 per room night on individuals staying at lodging facilities within the Bozeman City limits. The Business Improvement District Law, Montana Code Annotated 2007, 7-12-1101 through 7-12-1144 as amended, for funding of all uses and projects for tourism promotion within Gallatin Valley as specified by the Gallatin Valley Tourism Business Improvement District budget.

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Eligibility Requirements

Any organization or individual submitting to the program must meet all requirements in order to qualify. The following criteria are required prior to any funding by the TBID.

  • The event must have a proven or qualified ability to generate hotel-motel room nights in the City of Bozeman.

  • The Gallatin Valley TBID resources are available.

  • The entire event must be deemed appropriate by the Gallatin Valley TBID (no political candidate promotion, no adult style entertainment, and other exclusions may apply at the discretion of the Gallatin Valley TBID).

  • The Gallatin Valley Tourism Business Improvement District and the Bozeman Area Chamber of Commerce must be listed as additional insured on your event insurance policy.

  • You must market all hotels on all materials, with integrated into your digital marketing.


The Gallatin Valley TBID will, in some cases, consider underwriting advertising efforts to help publicize an event that has a direct correlation to increased hotel/motel occupancy in Gallatin Valley's lodging facilities. If approved, you must follow the advertising criteria listed below.

  • (The words Gallatin Valley TBID and Bozeman Montana shall appear on all printed materials.

  • The websites and shall appear on all printed materials.

  • Acknowledgment of grant on collateral: "Produced with the support of Gallatin Valley TBID funds."

  • Target Audiences must be a minimum of 150 miles away from Bozeman, MT.

  • You must supply copies of all advertisements to the Gallatin Valley TBID.

Funding Criteria

While the Gallatin Valley TBID will look at all events that create overnight stays, the following characteristics will improve grant consideration.

  • The event is new to Gallatin Valley or has significant potential for growth.

  • The event occurs during the ten months with lower occupancy in the Gallatin Valley

  • lodging facilities. July and August are the two highest occupancy months for Gallatin Valley Hoteliers.

  • The event is large.

  • The event brings many people from 100+ miles away.

  • The event is a multi-day experience.

  • The event is not weather-dependent.

  • The event organization requesting funds is non-profit.

The Gallatin Valley TBID will, in some cases, consider subsidizing costs that would otherwise make an event infeasible to have in Gallatin Valley. In these cases, you must follow the constraints listed below.

  • The TBID will give no direct cash subsidy to the organization. The organization may use cash subsidies for rental assistance, transportation assistance, facility rental, or other expenditures deemed appropriate by the Gallatin Valley TBID.

  • The Gallatin Valley TBID shall be included in the bidding and planning of the event to maximize the number of overnight stays created and ensure that all aspects are deemed appropriate.

The Gallatin Valley TBID Grant is conditional to these criteria as well.

  • Award money will not be retroactive. (The TBID will not pay for advertising / promotions / obligations / other contracted services for the event prior to the grant being awarded)

  • Other rules, regulations, policies, and procedures pertaining to this grant are at the sole discretion of the Gallatin Valley TBID.

  • Grant / Award winner must provide a written wrap-up report and samples of produced advertisements to the Daryl Schliem within thirty days of event and presentation to the Full Board within 45 days to receive the last 25% of awarded funds.

  • Notification must be given immediately to the Gallatin Valley TBID when an event is canceled (ideally before a public announcement) or postponed. If notification is not given to the Gallatin Valley TBID, the Board may suspend current and future funding for the applicant.

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The Gallatin Valley TBID Grant Process

The steps of the process begin with the submission of the Gallatin Valley TBID Grant Application Packet (which includes the following):

  • Your grant application

  • Your projected budget, including all income and expenses and supporting documents (business plan, marketing plan, ad materials, etc.).

  • If this event has been funded before, please submit financials from previous years.

  • Your organization's non-profit letter from IRS filing and proof of insurance

Your event's grant application will be reviewed by the Gallatin Valley Tournament Committee and Gallatin Valley TBID. It will take a minimum of 45 days for grant application results. Applicants must complete a follow-up report within 45 days of when the event is held.

Failure to comply with any criteria listed may require full repayment of TBID monies from the awarded organization to the Gallatin Valley TBID.

If any questions arise in the process, please contact Daryl Schliem at or 406.586.5421.

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