FlasKap - Bozeman CVB


24 Eldorado Lane, Ste. A Belgrade, MT

(406) 813-5315

FlasKap was born to innovate the way we drink. To allow you to conveniently make mixed drinks in inconvenient places. We set out to consolidate the components of liquor, mixer, and ice into a single handheld system, with extra servings of liquor on top. This meant you could enjoy your drink of choice outside the confines of your home or the bar.

But when we distill it down, it’s less about the drinks and more about the experiences that come with them. It’s less about the extra servings of liquor and more about the extra hours, laughs, moments, and memories.

We want you to drink what you want, when you want, for as long as you want. More importantly, we want you to stay for one more song, swim until the sun goes down, and tell stories until it comes up again.

We exist to enhance those moments worthy of a drink. We’ll see you out there after closing because we’re just getting started. #NoLastCall