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4th Annual Downtown Bozeman Restaurant Week

April 22 - 28, 2024

The Downtown Bozeman Association and participating downtown restaurants, pubs, and cafes are excited to bring you The 4th Annual Downtown Bozeman Restaurant Week from April 22-28th! This 7-day event will be filled with good eats and drinks, off-menu specials, exclusive dining experiences, plus chances to win some fabulous prizes from our local sponsors!

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Visit Bozeman & Downtown Bozeman Association

Visit Bozeman and the Downtown Bozeman Association have joined forces to bring Restaurant Week to Downtown Bozeman this year. This exciting partnership aims to showcase the vibrant culinary scene of Bozeman and support local restaurants. During Restaurant Week, diners will have the opportunity to indulge in special menus and culinary delights offered by participating restaurants. With the support of Visit Bozeman and the Downtown Bozeman Association, this event promises to be a celebration of community, flavor, and culture. Join us as we savor the diverse tastes of Bozeman and experience the unique charm of its dining scene.

2024 DTN BZN Restaurant Week
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Support your local Bozeman Chamber Member Restaurants

In the heart of Bozeman, MT, lies a vibrant culinary scene brimming with local flavors, community spirit, and a commitment to excellence. As proud members of the Bozeman Chamber of Commerce, our city's restaurants stand as pillars of this thriving community, offering not just delectable dishes but also a slice of local culture and a testament to the dedication of our hardworking entrepreneurs. By choosing to support these esteemed establishments, patrons not only indulge in culinary delights but also play a vital role in sustaining the economic vitality and rich tapestry of our beloved Bozeman. Whether savoring a farm-to-table feast, relishing a comforting cup of locally roasted coffee, or enjoying a gourmet burger with friends, every bite taken at a Bozeman Chamber member restaurant is a vote of confidence in the enduring spirit of our community.

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Participating Restaurants, Pubs, and Cafes

THANK YOU to our generous Sponsors:


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